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Fundamentals course of Cyber Security

Course Overview

Welcome to the world of Cybersecurity. In this course, we will:

1 Explore the foundations of cybersecurity, from its historical roots to practical applications.

2 Gain hands-on experience with the command line.

3 Develop essential skills for navigating cybersecurity.

4 Understand network IPs and how systems communicate with the internet.

5 Learn how to safeguard themselves and their families online.

Description: Introduction to the world of Cyber Security for School Students and undergraduate.

Objective: Introduce students to fundamental concepts of Cyber Security

Week 1: Introduction to Cybersecurity
1: Overview of Cybersecurity
Introduction to cybersecurity concepts
Importance of cybersecurity
Current trends and threats
2: Understanding Cyber Threats
Types of cyber threats (malware, phishing, etc.)
Real-life examples of cyber attacks
3: Basic Cyber Hygiene
Importance of strong passwords
Safe browsing habits
Recognizing phishing attempts
4: Setting Up Secure Systems
Securing personal devices (PCs, smartphones)
Using antivirus and firewall
5: Introduction to type of hacker and hacking
6: Review and Quiz
Recap of the week’s content
Quiz to test understanding

Week 2: Safe Online Practices
1: Social Media Safety
Risks associated with social media
Privacy settings and best practices
2: Email and Communication Security
Identifying and avoiding email scams
Safe communication practices
3: Online Gaming Safety
Risks in online gaming
Safe gaming practices
4: Protecting Personal Information
Importance of personal information security
How to protect personal information online
5: Cyberbullying Awareness
Understanding cyberbullying
How to respond and protect oneself
6: Review and Activities
Recap of the week’s content
Interactive activities and discussions

Week 3: Basic Cybersecurity Skills
1: Introduction to Networking
Basics of computer networks
How the internet works
2: Understanding IP Addresses and DNS
What are IP addresses and DNS?
How they function in the internet ecosystem
3: Basic Command Line Skills
Introduction to command line interface (CLI)
Basic commands and their uses
4: Setting Up a Secure Network
Configuring routers and Wi-Fi security
Importance of network security
5: Introduction to VPNs
What is a VPN?
How VPNs protect your privacy
6: Review and Lab Exercises
Recap of the week’s content
Practical lab exercises

Week 4: Introduction to Cybersecurity Tool

1: Automating Tasks
Using scripts to automate cybersecurity tasks
Examples of automation in cybersecurity
2: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
What is ethical hacking?
Ethical hacking principles and practices
3: Simple Penetration Testing
Basics of penetration testing
Hands-on simple penetration testing exercise

Week 5: Exploring Cybersecurity Careers
1: Cybersecurity Career Paths
Overview of different career paths in cybersecurity
Required skills and education
2: Certifications and Education
Key certifications (e.g., CompTIA Security+, CISSP)
Educational resources and pathways
3: Meet the Professionals
Guest speakers from the cybersecurity industry
Q&A sessions with professionals
4: Building a Cybersecurity Resume
Tips for creating an effective resume
Highlighting skills and experiences
5: Review and Career Planning
Recap of the week’s content
Personal career planning exercises


This course is specifically designed for school students who want to gain an Fundamentals Of Cybersecurity.

The course is tailored for school and college students. However, any enthusiastic learner interested in the subject is welcome to join.

All you need is a computer with internet access.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate. 

Enrollment is simple! Choose the course, and follow the enrollment instructions. If you encounter any issues, our support team is ready to assist you.

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