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Robotic Process Automation - UiPath

Introduction to Robotic Process Automation for school students.

Course Overview

Welcome to the Robotic Process Automation – UiPath! Aim of the course is to make learner familiar with the concepts of Robotic Process Automation. RPA eliminates the need of human intervention in performing repetitive, less complex tasks just by dragging and dropping technique. 

Objective: Build on basic Linux skills and delve into advanced concepts, system administration, and automation.

Week 1-2: RPA Overview and UiPath Overview

  • What, When, and Where RPA
  • Industry coverage of RPA
  • UiPath Installation
  • RPA implementation life cycle
  • Introduction to UiPath components – Studio, orchestrator, and Robots 
  • Software and hardware configuration for UiPath
  • How to configure UiPath Studio
  • Different project types
  • Sequence and flowchart
  • Type of Panels in UiPath
  • Manage Packages
  • How to import packages
  • Ribbon module Properties
  • Panels and its importance 

Week 3-4: Variables and Excel Automation

  • Variables and arguments 
  • Different Types of loops 
  • Decision Types and switch activities 
  • Variable Scope 
  • Create, Read, Write Excel files  
  • How to read, write in a cell  
  • Filter and Sorting 
  • How to apply formula within a cell 
  • Difference between Excel and Workbook activities  

Week 5-6: Data scraping, Recording and Email Automation

  • Basic Recording   
  • Desktop Recording   
  • Web Recording  
  • Image Recording   
  • Citrix Recording  
  • Computer Vision
  • What are the selectors?  
  • How to make selectors dynamic   
  • Data Scraping from different types of sources 
  • Different Types of email automation activities  
  • Send and Read Email  
  • Email attachment download    
  • SMTP and IMAP email

Week 7-8: UiPath Test Suite/Types of bots

  • Different types of Bots
  • What is the testing?
  • What is UiPath Test Suite?   
  • How to perform testing


This course is specifically designed for school students who want to gain understanding of Robotic Process Automation. 

It’s a low code no code platform, therefore any one can enrol.

Personal laptop with Windows 10 and above OS and 8 GB RAM.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate. This certificate recognizes your understanding of Robotic Process Automation - UiPath.

Enrollment is simple! Choose the course and follow the enrollment instructions. If you encounter any issues, our support team is ready to assist you.

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