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Vedic Mathematics

Research shows that the application of vedic mathematics makes use of both parts of the brain

Course Overview

Vedic Mathematics is a gift given to the world by the ancient sages of India. A system which is far more simple and enjoyable than modern mathematics. It is word’s fastest mental math system Based on 16 sutras of Vedas.

Description: Introduction to the world of Cyber Security for School Students and undergraduate.


  • To improve the mental ability of the students
  • Vedic Math aims to enhance mathematical proficiency and problem-solving skills
  • Builds Speed and Accuracy in Maths
  • It develops Logical Reasoning and increase Visualization and concentration
  • Save Time in Calculations and increase the confidence of students
  • Make Maths Interesting and Fun


Week: 1-2  Introduction and  High speed Addition and word problems

  • Foundation Addition
  • Number Sense for Addition
  • Mental Maths Addition
  • Rapid Addition- Single to Double-Digit
  • Rapid Addition- Double to Double-Digit
  • Rapid Addition- Triple to Triple-Digit
  • Left to Right Addition
  • Number Splitting
  • Adding 10 to Numbers
  • Basic Word Problems


Week: 3-4  Foundation subtraction and Nikliam 

  • Number Sense for Subtraction Mental Maths Subtraction
  • Subtraction of Two-Digit Number with Single Digit Number
  • Subtraction of Double-Digit Numbers
  • Subtraction of Triple Digit Numbers with Double Digit
  • Subtraction using Nikliam 3 Digit
  • Subtraction using Nikliam 4 Digit
  • Using the method Subtraction by Nikliam


Week : 5-6  Foundation Multiplication Introduction of Multiplication 

  • Table of 2,3,4,5
  • Table of 6,7,8,
  • Table of 10,11,12,13
  • Table of 14,15,16,17
  • Table of 18,19,20,21
  • Table of 22, 23, 24, 25
  • Mental Maths Multiplication
  • Multiplication with Double Digit to Single Digit numbers
  • Multiplication by Multiples of 10
  • Traditional multiplication with Tricks
  • Basic Word Problems


Week: 7-8 Foundation Division

Introduction of Division 

  • Warmup for Division and Traditional Division
  • Division by 10,100 or 1000
  • Facts of Division and Mental Maths Division
  • Division of Double Digit Numbers
  • Digital Roots
  • Divisibility
  • Fractions
  • Squares
  • Cubes
  • Square Roots
  • Cube Roots
  • Squaring method
  • Dates and Years
  • How to predict a person’s Date Of Birth
  • 16 sutras and 13 Upsutras of vedic mathematics


This course is specifically designed for school students who want to improve our mathematical proficiency and problem-solving skills and who want to increase concentration and mental ability

It’s use for school students from age 5 to 20 years

All you need is a computer with internet access.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate. 

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